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Fun Facts about Rhode Island Lobsters . . . 

As a lobster grows, it sheds its shell, increasing in weight by 25% each time, and a lobster will shed its shell 24 times the first year.

A lobster that has lost a claw is called a “cull”.  It will regenerate the lost claw.  A lobster with no claws is called a “bullet”.

A lobster is approximately 7 years old before it is legal to harvest, and it will weigh about 1 pound.

A lobster takes 18 to 24 months to develop from time of impregnation to the hatching of the egg.

A lobster will commonly store food by burying it on the bottom of the ocean and defending the area much like a dog.

A lobster will catch fish, other crustaceans, and mollusks for their food.

An older lobster only molts every four or five years.

A lobster is the size of a mosquito when it leave the female lobster’s body.

A lobster’s age is approximately his/her weight multiplied by 4, plus 3 years.

When a lobster sheds its shell, it is called molting.  The female is impregnated after it has molted.


A lobster is a happy lobster if it is a Rhode Island Lobster!

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