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Not Every Lobster is Created Equal - Lobster Differences . . .

All lobsters are not created equal! There are many different species of lobster fished in many parts of the world. However, it is almost universally agreed on that Maine lobster is by far the best. Its sweet, tender meat has become a gourmet treat throughout the world. In presentation, there is just nothing like the beautiful, bright red color of a freshly-cooked lobster.

Delicious meat, beautiful presentation and ease of preparation have made Maine lobster the perfect choice for a unique and memorable dinner.

Q. How do you pack live lobsters to travel?

We pack our lobsters in styrofoam boxes with individual slots for each lobster. This protects the lobsters from each other and gives them a comfortable ride. Jell-ice packs and wet paper bags are used to keep them cold and moist for shipping. Lobsters packed like this will last up to two days. We have over twenty five years experience packing lobsters and know how to get them to you alive and kicking.

Q. What's the difference between a hard-shell and soft-shell lobster?

When a lobster outgrows its shell, it molts and discards or "sheds" the old shell. It then has a soft shell and is called a "shedder." As the lobster feeds, its shell hardens, and it adds meat to its body.

Q. Which is better, hard or soft shell?

Both hard and soft shell lobsters have their advantages and disadvantages. Hard shells will have more meat but many people find it difficult to crack their shells. Soft shells are more tender and sweet, and are generally considered to be the superior tasting. The perfect combination of the two is the "firm" lobster. Firm lobsters are shedders who’s shells have hardened up and who’s meat content has increased but have not yet lost the tender sweet taste of the soft shell lobster. They are also easier to break into without the use of tools. We can ship either hardshell, firmshell or softshell lobsters. Please call to discuss the best option for your needs.

Q. How much water is necessary to boil a lobster? Should you use salt water?

Put one to two inches of water in the bottom of the pot to steam lobsters. You don't have to use saltwater, but most people would agree that lobsters taste better if you add sea-salt to the water or use seawater, which contains about 3 percent salt.

Q. How do you tell when a lobster is done?

The lobster will turn a bright red and the antennae will pull out easily when the lobster is done.

Q. Why do lobsters turn red when they are cooked?

A live lobster is greenish-brown because of many different color pigment chromatophores. When it is cooked, all the pigments are masked except for astaxanthin, which is the background red pigment.

Q. Does lobster contain much fat or cholesterol?

Lobster (without butter) is very low in calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Lobster meat also contains omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, the substances that seem to reduce hardening of the arteries and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Q. Are there parts of a lobster that are poisonous?


Q. Are large lobsters tougher than small lobsters?

Most people think there is no difference in tenderness between the meat of lobsters in the 1 - 3 pound range. Lobsters over 3 pounds can start to get tougher. Maine has a size limit, making it illegal to trap lobsters over about 4 pounds.

Q. How big is a lobster's brain?

Small. Very small. A lobster has a brain the size of a grasshopper's. The lobster brain is primarily just a collection of ganglia, or nerve endings.


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